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買得 SPIDI スピーディー LASER PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー 7118f926

買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp
当店通常価格137500.0000円 (税込)

?注意? この商品は下記となります。必ずご確認ください。



・High tenacity elastic flex tenax Nylon 6.6
【厚み】1.2/1.3 mm
・high safety performance
・Vented leather
・extreme abrasion resistance
・Neopren: elastic, comfortable and waterproof fabric

Laser Perforated Pro is a technologically advanced 21st century race suit specifically developed by SPIDI for superbikes of the modern age - motorcycles that are far more powerful and significantly quicker than their forebears.
Each Laser Perforated Pro is CE certified to the prEN 17092-2:2017 Class AAA standard and has a main chassis of tough 1.1 to 1.3mm leather, with elastic high-tenacity nylon in flex areas - offering extreme abrasion resistance.
Each suit includes CE-certified En 1621-1:2012 level 2 on elbow and level 1 on shoulder, hip, and knee armor, with a pocket for a level 1 or level 2 Warrior Back protector and a pocket for a Warrior Chest protector (not included).
Both the upper knees and upper elbows have flex panels for all-day comfort, as well as an adjustable waist to ensure the perfect fit.
To keep you hydrated at the track the suit has an arrangement for holding a Hydroback bag and straw, as well as vented leather sections and a removable mesh lining to keep you cool.
A streamlined aerodynamic end-piece is fitted to the back to assist with aerodynamics, and the suit has adjustable and removable racing knee sliders.

By continuous research and experience, gained from Safety Lab, comes a new technology signed by SPIDI, synthesis of history and innovation, two founding values of the Brand.
The main goal of the Safety Lab has always been focused on nding the best combination of comfort and safety.
After a long time of experimentation on track, through software simulations and tests in the urban environment, engineers of the SPIDI Community created the Warrior Tech, a new technology, with a careful study of bio-mechanics and ergonomics, able to protect the rider in the most sensitive areas in the event of a fall.

Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 elbows
Warrior Protectors certificate EN 1621-1 Lev. 1 shoulders
Fixed hip protectors CE certified according to EN 1621-1:2012
Racing removable protectors certified CE EN 1621-1:2012
Warrior shields on shoulders
Streamlined end-piece
Adjustable and removable racing knee slider
Arrangement for back protector CE Lel. 2 Z147
Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54
Arrangement for chest protector CE Lev. 1 Z173
Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector Z172
CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 Regulation.
PPE protective apparel for motorcycle use - EN 17092-2: 2020 Class AAA certified

Removable 2度layer mesh lining
Collar with Neoprene inserts
Lower pant leg of comfortable material

Arrangement for Hydroback bag V39
Arrangement for Hydroback straw V40


※Do not Wash
※Do not bleach
※Do not tumble dry
※Line drying in the shade
※Do not iron
※Do not dry clean
※Do not wring


買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

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SPIDIスピーディー レーシングスーツ革ツナギ  LASER PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ。SPIDI スピーディー LASER PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ

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買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

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買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

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買得 SPIDI スピーディー スピーディー LASER LASER PRO PRO PERFORATED レザースーツ, スマホメーカー:7118f926 --- kventurepartners.sakura.ne.jp

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